Kyocera’s Perfect Peeler?

I love seeing what kitchen gadgets are hot on the market. I freely confess that if I had the budget I would buy and try every single one of them! 🙂

This month the Food Network featured a product called Kyocera Perfect Ceramic Peeler that really caught my eye. You see peeling vegetables is one of the most boring and annoying tasks that I have to do in the kitchen. Grating cheese and carrots is up there as well. Not only do I long for the day when I will have a food processor, I also now look forward to the day that I can pick up the Kyocera Perfect Ceramic Peeler 🙂

So what about it caught my eye? Well its blade is made from ceramic and is supposed to keep its edge 10x longer than traditional steel peelers. It also had a swivvle head to maintain contact with contoured surfaces. Seeing the speed with which the various testers were able to strip potatoes and other veggies, I grew wistful.

Does anyone own this product? What do you think? 🙂


Kyocera Perfect Ceramic Peeler (Rotating) Red

The Perfect Peeler really is the perfect peeler! Backed by Chef Ming Tsai, the peeler will rotate to vertical, horizontal, and 45-degree positions. It will fit small, large, left, and right hands. The Perfect Peeler features an ergonomic, non-slip handle and an ultra-sharp advanced ceramic blade. It is dishwasher safe, easy to find in a drawer and fun to use.

Features include:

* The Perfect Blade:
o It is made from advanced ceramic.
o The peeler is super sharp and stays sharp 10 times longer than steel blades .
o The Perfect Peeler’s optimum cutting angle glides effortlessly through foods.
o Because it is made of ceramic, not steel, the blade won’t rust or corrode (ever!), won’t brown foods, and won’t transfer a metallic taste or smell!

* The Perfect Handle:
o The handle allows for vertical and horizontal peeling styles.
o It includes a unique 45-degree angle that lessens fatigue.
o It will fit large, small, left and right hands comfortably.
o The handle features a non-slip grip.

Care and Use: Dishwasher safe. For discolorations not removed by washing, clean the blade with a mild bleach solution

Kyocera’s world-famous ceramic knife blades are crafted of lightweight zirconium oxide and resist corrosion, keeping their razor-sharp edge ten times longer than other professional blades—even high-carbon steel. Micro-grain ceramic Kyocera blades are dense with a sharp cutting edge. Smooth, polished blades resist germs and are impervious to acid, oil and salt—won”t rust or brown foods. Comfort handles and perfectly balanced blades reduce hand/arm fatigue during cutting tasks. Kyocera produces ceramic knives in Sendai, a city in southwest Japan on the island of Kyushu.