Calypso in Chestnut Hill: A Taste of Trinidad

Image: Philadelphia Inquirer

Last month the Philadelphia Inquirer ran a piece on a Trinidadian food stand called Calypso in Chestnut Hill’s Farmers Market.

Excerpt: “It is time to make the next round of roti. Campbell slides balls of dough made with ground split peas and garlic from under a kitchen towel, flattens them, and rolls them out with a big, wooden rolling pin. Then she lays the tortilla-like rounds on a circular griddle called a tahwah, brushing them with oil, and flipping them repeatedly with a blunt spatula.

The roti I buy is wrapped in a tidy packet around a filling of her stewy vegetables – a soft, curried potato, chickpeas, calabasa, and spinach, the flavors sweet and slightly tangy, the roti wrap tender and warm and fresh.
I am invited to sample the macaroni pie (a lush mac and cheese suffused with egg and onion and baked). I have a forkful of creamy, spiced coleslaw. And a swig of mango lemonade with a hit of Trinidad’s Angostura bitters”

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If you’ve eaten at Calypso why not share your thoughts? 🙂

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