BBM 2.0 – Petits Calins de Pont-Aven: Dark chocolate wafers filled with Mint cream

I’ve never been a big fan of ‘thin mints’. My only memories of them were in the boxes of US Girl Guide cookies that would appear from time to time in the dorms during college. I believe I’ve also had them locally but I don’t think they are very popular. I’ve never been a big fan of mint in candies, and always thought it felt clashed with the chocolate coating. So when I saw this pack of Petits Calins de Pont-Aven (made by the Biscuiterie Traou Mad) I figured it would be the first chocolate product that I would sample. My logic being that if I didn’t like it that much I’d have many other chocolate products left. Turns out I didn’t have anything to fear! Upon my first bite I told my mom “Oh my G-d, I think I’m in love”, and then handed her one in turn.

This was like a thin mint to trump all thin mints. The chocolate was dark and intensely bittersweet, the wafer was ultra thin and flaky, the mint was delicate and unobtrusive in its influence. The whole thing felt like biting into a sweet tingly cloud, it seemed to melt in my mouth!

I was determined that with so many chocolate goodies I could make Eva’s stash last me well into the middle of the year if I limited myself to one or two squares/cookies a day. Yeah, ok… Let’s say that after 3 days this box was gone :D!

Les Petits Calins de Pont-Aven

(sorry for the stock photo but all of mine came out wack!)