Check Me Out In WannaBeTVChef’s “7 Questions With Sarina Nicole”!


Are you as much of a Food Television junkie as I am? It’s bad, I tell you. This year has been particularly bad with the nonstop flow of competitive reality shows and the launch of Cooking Channel! I’ve even taken to live tweeting and following the chatter on the various Twitter channels that accompany the airing of my favourite shows. Before you write me off as a neurotic techno-addict, I have to say that these forays have lead to some interesting online conversations and have shown that you really never know who is out there, or whose listening.

Case in point, Chef Stuart Donald! We first ‘met’ several months ago sharing comments during episodes of ‘Next Food Network Star’. After several weeks of the odd comment here and there I was quite surprised (and flattered) to receive a request from him to be interviewed for his site “WannaBeTVChef”. I was more than happy to oblige and told him as such. It’s good thing I did that before actually reading his site in more detail, I have been too chicken to continue!

Turns out Stuart is no ordinary bedroom food blogger.


Stuart is a celebrity chef, food activist and award winning food writer. Donald performs live cooking demonstrations and penned the cookbooks Third Coast Cuisine: Recipes of the Gulf of Mexico and Amigeauxs – Mexican/Creole Fusion Cuisine. He hosts two Internet cooking shows “Everyday Gourmet” and “Little Grill Big Flavor.” He is internationally certified in Culinary Arts.

After seeing that past interviewees have included Iron Chefs, as well as TV personalities as varied and recognisable as Graham Kerr and Roger Mooking I felt more than a little nervous 🙂 Still, my passion for and belief in our regional cuisine drove me forward even as those little voices over my shoulder kept saying “Not Worthy! Not Worthy!”. I answered his 7 Questions as best I could and you can read the full interview here.