Food Network – now on Channel 38 (FLOW TV)

YAY!!! So I know this is probably nothing to my American and Canadian readers but I am deliriously happy that as of May 1st the Food Network was FINALLY added to the cable TV lineup here in Trinidad!
I have not had 24hr access to the Food Network since I left Connecticut in 1999! In fact it was access to the Food Network in 1997 that began my love of cooking in a serious way (along with a chance viewing of my landlady’s issue of  Cooking Light).

My only glimpse of the network since has been the sporadic and shoddy transmissions on CNC Channel 3 that started last year. It is near to impossible to explain how frustrating it has been to try to watch CNC’s transmissions of these shows. Half the time they play pre-taped episodes with commercials and all (nothing like watching Thanksgiving commercials in March!). Other times they broadcast the episodes live via satellite but then 20 minutes into a show they switch back to a pretaped episode! I’m sure that within a week I’ll be as bored and jaded as most of the bloggers overseas seem to be, but until then excuse me as I overdose !

OH! And I can’t wait to see Iron Chef America – I’ve heard so much about it!!! And Sandra Lee is better than 90% of the programming on Comedy Central!
I’m gonna head off now cos she’s in a baseball outfit and scooping jello pudding cups into a bowl. Oh the LULZ! 😆

The only drawback? They’ve taken off the Travel Channel and replaced it with Discovery Travel and Living 🙁 I was worried at first as I thought that meant I had lost Anthony Bourdain and Andrew Zimmern in one fell swoop. Fortunately the next afternoon I came across an episode of No Reservations so my Bourdain fix is safe 😀

Oh, one more thing before I go. I am currently without regular internet access and have no idea when that will change. 🙁 So if I am a little slow in replying to comments please don’t think its personal. I believe in answering everyone and that won’t change, but it may be a little slower than it used to be in the past!

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