Mid-80’s Stag Commercial (video)

In the 80’s there were no two bigger rivals in the local Beer trade than Stag and Carib. Both had ad campaigns using local musical icons and slick marketing campaigns. In the above minimalist ad, Calypso King of the World, The Mighty Sparrow waxes poetic on its virtues 🙂 Although in random talks with people Stag seemed to be the sentimental favourite, at the end of the day it was Carib though that reigned supreme when it acquired the Stag brand, ending the back and forth, once and for all.

From CaribBeer.com

Stag Lager Beer was first brewed by the National Brewing Company (N.B.C), in conjunction with La Batts of Canada, who held a majority share holding in the company. The beer was launched on Carnival Friday 1973 in a 275ml A-line amber bottle. In the following year, its packaging moved to a 6 inch, 250ml green bottle.

The Stag bottle was produced in glass of a specific green colouration of a consistent wavelength, which helped to maintain its brewery fresh taste for long periods through its protective value from sunlight.

In 1995 Stag moved to an 8 inch, 275ml green bottle, competing at price parity with Carib Lager and other beers. As the brand developed and strengthened over time, its sales have grown and continue to grow.

Stag was positioned as a strong mass-market brand with its own unique identity and slightly bitter taste with a European taste profile.

Throughout the next thirty-four years the brand’s positioning was further developed to one that focused on “Maleness” with Extreme Stamina, Tenacity and Greatness.

Stag Lager beer – a beer of consistent quality with a distinct, slightly bitter European profile, conveys strength, individualism and masculinity. Its personality is one that is strong-minded, educated, youthful, passionate and positive, motivating consumers to conquer challenges and live life to the fullest – to become the ultimate male, full of power, strength and control.

Stag is the preferred beer for the youthful and masculine, who are strong-minded, active, outgoing, interested in sports and enjoys socializing – “Living life to its fullest.”

Its reputation for providing consistent quality and distinct superb great taste, sought by young adult males, earns this beer the legend – A Man’s Beer .

Stag – A MAN’S BEER.

ETA: Oddly enough, upon the acquisition of Stag, Carib took Stag from “The People’s Beer”, to “A Man’s Beer”. This move was seen as puzzling and hurtful to many of their loyal female patrons. I remember a friend of mine writing a particularly passionate letter, that was obviously unheeded. As can be viewed in the write-up above, Carib has continued to position and market Stag as the embodiment liquid testosterone, a stance that readers such as Wizzythestick (see below) have had to grudgingly accept.