BBM 2.0 – Belle Vue Extra Appel-Kers

Belle Vue Kriek Extra

“There is a small can of Belgian cherry beer – another thing Belgium is famous for.” With that one line, Eva’s letter attempted to prepare me for a new taste experience. I had never had cherry beer and had no idea what to expect! The can was tall and narrow (like Red Bull) and the packaging looked more like a soft drink to me than ‘beer’. I’m not a fan of beer but I love shandies and that is what this reminded me of, especially once ice cold. The beer formed a really thick frothy head (which had all but died away by the time I took the above picture) and the flavour was really delightful. It reminded me of a ‘strong Solo Apple J’ (all Trinis will know that reference). I really tried to drag out drinking it as long as I could but sadly it finished all too soon 🙁

I tried to find out more about it online but could find very little. All I know is that it appears to be a “sweetened kriek” beer.

From InBev (the owner of Belle Vue):
Belle-Vue is the world’s leading producer of lambic beers and their blends – spontaneously fermented and aged in wooden casks.
Belle-Vue Extra Appel-Kers is a fruity beer particularly rich in fruit. Flavoured beer, min. 11% fruit, with sugar and sweetener. Contains barley malt and wheat.
Also known as “Extra Cerise & Pomme”.

Belle Vue Extra