Open Call For Submissions!

When I started my aim was to feature and promote the distinctive cuisine of Trinidad and Tobago. In the few months since I started this blog I have been thrilled to see it grow and reach more people than I had thought would have happened in this short timeframe 🙂

This week has been a really busy one for me. Not only did I have the joy of developing a recipe for something that Nandita at Saffron Trail but I also merrily mailed off copies of the Naparima Girls’ High School Cookbook to some of you. I also had the good fortune to be the featured speaker on Thursday in Canadian life coach Lyle T Lachmuth’s ‘Genre Buster’ tele-series. Not only was TriniGourmet highlighted, but I was also happy to share my experiences as a ‘creative type’ who also deals with the challenges of high-functioning autism.

This week I also had the good fortune of seeing TriniGourmet spotlighted on Celebrating Holidays Everyday. Celebrating Holidays Everyday is a website that spotlights all those wonderful obscure holidays, as well as the ones that we all know and love. Check it out! I ‘met’ Casey, the creator of Celebrating Holidays Everyday over at MyBlogLog, a wonderful virtual community for bloggers. If you are not already a member of my MyBlogLog community please do sign up, the easiest way is by visiting my community there or by clicking the little question mark that appears next to your name whenever you post a comment here. Not only will MyBlogLog members receive exclusive treats from time to time in the coming months, but membership also means that your custom avatar will show up whenever you visit (or leave a comment) here, that way everyone can see how faaaaahbulous you are dahling… 😀

Having the validation of my countrymen and peers both locally and abroad has really meant a ton to me. So thanks!

One thing I have also enjoyed has been when people have shared their own ideas/variations/reactions to the recipes I have shared.

Some of my fave moments so far have been:

?????? Juliette commenting on her grandmother’s handwritten notes for Punch de Creme
?????? Chennette and Lilandra sharing the differences between Guyanese and Trinidadian rotis
?????? Veron mentioning the Filipino equivalent to Trinidad hops
?????? Titilayo mentioning the Barbadian equivalent to Paime
?????? Island Spice‘s critique of (local wine bar) MoreVino’s deVine Saturdays
?????? Rachel‘s cooking, and review of, my recipe for Curried Pumpkin and Rice
?????? Ramdila‘s self-deprecating reference to her first attempt at making roti
?????? Adah Murah‘s hysterical take on an awesomely bad Trinidad Black Cake recipe

I love knowing what gets you going and excited, both in the world of Trinidadian cuisine and beyond. Share your experiences and recipes with me either via the comments link at the bottom of every post (you can even subscribe to the comments!) or by writing me directly. If you share a recipe do know that I -will- credit you by any means you prefer and will merrily provide a link to your blog/website if you provide me with one 🙂 And, your recipe doesn’t have to be a Trinidadian/Caribbean one either, I recently got a lovely submission from Veronique in America for Mazarine Pie. I can’t wait to try it! And I can’t wait to hear from you 🙂 Yeah –YOU– ! 😀

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