I had never seen a Green Eggplant Before!

Green Goddess Eggplant

It was with great excitement that mom came home from the market last weekend.

“Look what I got! Do you know what it is?”
“Whoa! Is that a GREEN EGGPLANT??”
“I know!”

She had seen them on the counter of a vendor and after having them convince her that it was indeed an eggplant she just -had- to buy one. Being the geekgrrl that I am I then had to go to the Internet … just to make sure that this wasn’t some kind of Machiavellian strain of radioactive agriculture.

Fortunately, instead of Polonium-210 I discovered that it was a Green Goddess eggplant!

One of the things that was mentioned repeatedly in my searches was that this eggplant has a -mild- flavour. Now that makes me a little worried, cos in my mind mild is just a euphemism for -none- however they also mention that it’s sweet. We haven’t cooked it yet, so I’ll wait and see. I so don’t want to be disappointed. It’s so pretty! 😀