Remembering Taste T&T 2008 (video)


As I continue sorting through the 297 photos and videos that I took at this weekend’s wonderful Sauté Trinbago, I thought I would allow you the chance to glance through bits and pieces of Taste T&T 2008. For 3 years it was Trinidad’s premier culinary festival, before being unceremoniously pulled without announcement. Although Sauté Trinbago did not compete with it in scale, it definitely went a long way towards capturing its spirit. More on that in my next post! Until then… let’s look back at the sights & sounds.

Remembering Taste T&T 2008

Taste of T&T 2008 – We Does Eat Nice (article)looking back now it’s clear that the writing was on the wall that the event would be be no more 🙁
Taste of T&T 2008 – Tickets and Gourmet Menu details
Taste of T&T 2008 – A Fabulous ‘Taste’ (article)