Top 3 Posts on TriniGourmet over the last 30 days (June 2007)

1. Gub Gub ‘Navy Bean’ Salad with Feta Cheese (recipe)

Filling. Nutritious. Flavourful! 🙂 – recipe here

2. Fudgy Chocolate Cake ‘Brownies’ (recipe)

This recipe wins on every front. It calls for very simple basic ingredients (most of which should already be in your pantry), it takes no time to put together, cleanup is minimal and the taste is OUT OF THIS WORLD. Amazingly enough, these brownies only get better the longer they sit. Fresh out of the oven they are light, airy, and oh so chocolatey… but as they sit they slowly get moister and fudgier… oh the decadence. – recipe here

3. Savoury Banana Fritters (recipe)

I was really impressed with how these came out, very soft and airy. Fresh out of the oil the parsley flavour is subtle, however it strengthens the long that the fritters sit. This is something to keep in mind, depending on how much you like parsley, and how you intend to serve the fritters. I think these would be perfect as appetizers with some mango or tamarind chutney. – recipe here