Trinidad Hot Baked Fish, ‘Bang Bang Salsa’, and Caribbean Rice and Peas

Trinidad Hot Baked Fish, Bang Bang Salsa, Caribbean Rice and Peas

This is what I made for dinner last weekend 🙂 Trinidad Hot Baked Fish, “Bang Bang’ Salsa (kudos to Marsha for putting me back into a Dave Koz frame of mind, and Caribbean Rice and Peas (from a recipe that I developed for Nandita at Saffron Trail).

My parents loved it. I will upload the relevant pics and link to all the recipes in the coming days 🙂

This was how I put it together though.

Game Plan:

70 minutes before serving:

Put everything in place and make sure everything is chopped, diced and happy

50 minutes before serving:

Begin Caribbean Rice and Peas.

40 minutes before serving:

Chop ingredients for salsa (if not done already), assemble. Set aside for flavours to meld.

30 minutes before serving:

Add rice to pot for Caribbean Rice and Peas.
Prepare Trinidad Hot Baked Fish, put in oven.

15 minutes before serving:

Fry onions and peppers for Caribbean Rice and Peas

10 minutes before serving:

Add Pepper Sauce mixture to fish and broil.

5 minutes before serving:

Stir fried onions and peppers into Caribbean Rice and Peas
Take fish out of oven
Bring out salsa

Serve! 😀

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