Auntie Olga’s Trinidad Christmas Black Cake

Auntie Olga's Trinidad Christmas Black Cake

The calendar may say October but already signs of Christmas are starting to pop up all around. Parang and carols are on the radio and many of my Avon customers have already put in their Christmas orders (beat that mall crush!).

As every Trini knows the Christmas season is also Black Cake season! in the past I have talked about my own Aunt’s Black Cake which to me is still the benchmark of all Black Cakes, including my own 🙂

As I continue to add to my now two year old jar of soaked fruit in preparation for this December’s baking I thought I’d give you a closer look at Auntie Olga’s Trini Christmas Black Cake. It should get your mouth watering in anticipation. Delish! 😀

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