Punch de Creme (recipe)

Punch de Creme, is another of Trinidad’s traditional Christmas drinks. One thing that I really like about punch de creme (as opposed to traditional eggnog) is the use of citrus flavors like lime and Angostura bitters (which has orange extract). This gives the ‘nog’ a 

Trinidad Paime (recipe)

As promised, here is a recipe for Paime (pron. PAY-me)! Paime is basically a sweet version of the savoury pastelle. I only recently discovered that Paime is also a traditional Xmas dish. Well that explains why it seemed I never could find it lol! No 

Trinidad Pastelles (recipe) now with Delicious Vegan Option!

One of Trinidad’s seasonal delights, pastelles are a steamed cornmeal pie wrapped in banana leaves and filled with stewed meat, olives, and raisins. I’ve been told that they are very similar to Latin American tamales, and indeed Venezualan foodblogger Tomasnomas has a link to the 

QUICK GINGER BEER Recipe at Epicurious.com

Well you know how Trinis like how to do everything las’ minute? 🙂 If you don’t have enough time to try my mother’s ginger beer recipe, here is a quick recipe from Epicurious.com that needs only 24 hours fermentation. Best of luck! 😀 Click here 

Carmen’s Jamaican Ginger Beer (recipe)

My mom’s Jamaican Ginger Beer brewing in the sun 😀 The above scene and bottle feel as though they have always been with me, they occur with such comforting regularity. Ginger beer is something that is enjoyed by both Trinis and Jamaicans however in my 

Jamaican Sorrel Rum Punch (recipe)

    When I first made this in 2006 it was my first time using a pack of dried sorrel for a recipe. I was pleasantly surprised. If you allow it to steep overnight the results are pretty damn good. The below recipe is my 

Sorrel Drink (recipe & video)

Christmas in Trinidad is a diverse multicultural affair. Not just for the Christian population, but also through the secular participation of the nation at large through the enjoyment of our local christmas songs (called parang) and especially the creation and consumption of our traditional Christmas 

Trinidad Black Cake (recipe)

Like sorrel, Black Cake in Trinidad is a Christmas institution. Made predominantly of alcohol drenched prunes, currants and raisins, variations abound (and I love taste testing when we make the visiting rounds). Still, the best black cake is always the recipe that one grew up 

In Trinidad, Christmas is Parang! (video & holiday recipe roundup)

What is Parang? Well Parang is the soundtrack to Christmas here in Trinidad. More than that however Parang is also a culture, a way of life that sweeps through my island after the lights of Eid and Divali have been put away. The What is 

Tropical Xmas Holiday Entertaining

It’s December and the sounds of parang are filling the air around the clock. The streets are jam-packed and people have that frenzied look that comes with too much shopping still to do, and not enough time. Whether you are a Trini, or looking to add 

Ramin Ganeshram’s Take on Holiday Christmas Cookies (article)

I love checking out the various culinary stories from around the world that show up both in my Trinigourmet Times and via iGoogle. They give me a glimpse into cultures and traditions from places I’ll probably never see, as well as spots right next door! 

Xmas 2010 Holiday Tablescape

It’s December 22nd, and the sounds of parang are filling the air around the clock. The streets are jam-packed and people have that frenzied look that comes with too much shopping still to do, and not enough time. We don’t actively celebrate Christmas in my 

Nothing Like A Trini Xmas (video)

Nothing Like A Trini Xmas (video)

The following article appeared in the 24th December, 2006 issue of the Trinidad Express. It’s hard to believe that BWIA was still active then! Will you be spending the holidays where you want to be this year? I hope so! If not, hopefully the recipes 

Auntie Olga’s Trinidad Christmas Black Cake

Auntie Olga’s Trinidad Christmas Black Cake

  The calendar may say October but already signs of Christmas are starting to pop up all around. Parang and carols are on the radio and many of my Avon customers have already put in their Christmas orders (beat that mall crush!). As every Trini