Culinary Adventures, Inc. by Marilyn Tausend

For me cooking is a way to visit other countries without ever stepping out of my door. I love trying recipes from other cultures, seeing the many variations in techniques and combinations as well as the similarities in how we prepare dishes for those we love. One of my dreams is to take part in the many cooking tours and classes that take place all over the world. That’s why from time to time I’ll be spotlighting some of the programs that I’ve bookmarked through the years. Maybe some of you will be able to take part and/or tell me how they were 😀 Bon App???tit!

Marilyn Tausend, Culinary AdventuresCulinary Adventures, Inc. by Marilyn Tausend

For 20 years, Marilyn Tausend and her staff have been organizing culinary trips to some of the most out-of-the way and exciting parts of Mexico, acquainting participants with the distinct cuisine of this country. Each year, different regions of Mexico are explored with classes by both local cooks and often with such noted authorities as Diana Kennedy and Rick Bayless. Besides numerous demonstrations and classes during these trips, participants will:

* explore the colorful markets, learning to identify the various herbs, fruits, chiles and vegetables that play such a major part in the cuisine.
* meet the people who are growing and preparing the local foods and join them in the eating a sample of these foods.
* put these culinary traditions into perspective through visits to the historical past seeing historical sites and museums.