Global Goodness (#1)

Woodford Square – Trinidad

As you can imagine I spend a good bit of time surfing the net for my ‘foodie fix’ 🙂 I thought it would be a good idea to occasionally share some of my finds with y’all in a series I’ll call ‘Global Goodness’ 😀 Why wait until I get around to actually making (or buying) these things myself right? 😀

1. has a delicious sounding gelatin dessert called Apricot Bavarian. I am thinking that this dish could easily be adapted to use any tropical fruit pur???e :)!
2. Chennette‘s recipe for, and pics of, Paratha and Maleeda (2 of my favorite things in the world) have had my mouth watering and tummy grumbling for several days now. She doesn’t know it but I have had that page bookmarked and keep returning to it. Could this be the universe’s way of telling me to revisit my tawa fears and try try try again?
3. Rums of the eastern Caribbean – Edward Hamilton (out of print)
4. I’ve already shown you how Christmas is celebrated in Trinidad, but what about some other Caribbean Christmas food traditions?

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