Trackback Love: Week ending Saturday, September 5, 2009

Lighter Portions: Summer Schlop and Some Culinary Fun

Kristie at Lighter Portions used my Vegetarian Potstickers as an inspiration for her wonton wrapper surplus. Her results look divine and I’m glad that she enjoyed them 🙂 She also seems to be interested in more than a few raw recipes, which is always a win for me! Definitely looking forward to following her posts.

Sarah’s Cucina Bella – Homemade Pizza Recipe

Sarah, at the gorgeous Cucina Bella, linked a Parmesan Pizza dough recipe that I posted back in 2006 (wow, have I really been blogging here that long!? 🙂 ). That recipe for Emeril’s Roasted Garlic White Pizza with Garlic Sauce is still one of my faves!

The Well-Seasoned Cook: Batata Chips with Ají Amarillo Crema Dip

Susan of The Well Seasoned Cook experiments with sweet potato chips (a particular favourite of mine) and links to my recipe for Curried Potato Chips. Like me she used a mandoline to achieve the best results, but hers looks sooo much snazzier than mine 🙂 If you haven’t visited her blog before, definitely check it out!

Lalipourie’s Life On The Creative Side

Lalipourie didn’t link to a specific post of mine, but made a mention that she would like to check out this site more. I hope you are still reading! 😉 Her site has a quirky, whimsical focus on fashion and design, and for that reason I’m definitely returning the favour 🙂

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