Storing Wine: Answers to your Frequently Asked Questions

Over at you can find answers to frequently asked questions about storing wine. Questions include: • Should I be storing the wine I drink everyday in a special way or place? • Where should I store wine I don’t plan to drink immediately? • 

Trinigourmet Amazon Hotlist for November 2010

The hills of Paramin, where much of Trinidad’s seasonings are grown Hey everyone, I think there is a national conspiracy against my waistline. It started with Divali, continues through Hanukkah and will reach its peak once all those Christmas eats start arriving with friends and 

Trinigourmet Amazon Hotlist for October 2010

Divali deeyahs, Adam Smith Square, Woodbrook 2008 Hey everyone, still catching up on my blog posts, Divali really snuck up on me this year! By the time you read this post I’ll probably be sleeping off the inevitable food coma that follows consumption of that 

Trinigourmet’s Amazon Hotlist for August 2010

Trinigourmet’s Amazon Hotlist for August 2010

Boomers, a local chain of sub shops has a killer tuna sandwich! They were the first to bring out sauces with distinctly local flavours such as garlic and chadon beni. Subway has since followed… 🙂 It’s the start of another month, and with that comes 

Is Your Oven Correct? (Why It’s Important To Calibrate)

Do you trust your oven? A lot of times I get questions from readers criticizing how a recipe came out and demanding that I change the instructions or details 🙂 It always somewhat amuses me that clearly -I’m- the one to blame if -their- attempt 

Kyocera’s Perfect Peeler?

I love seeing what kitchen gadgets are hot on the market. I freely confess that if I had the budget I would buy and try every single one of them! 🙂 This month the Food Network featured a product called Kyocera Perfect Ceramic Peeler that 

The Nut Roaster

Yet another find that I thought I’d share, it’s been getting some good reviews! 🙂 The Back to Basics PCNR Nut Roaster gives you the ability to quickly and easily create a favorite snack in your own kitchen. Intended for glazing a variety of hard 

Chocolate Fountains are on Sale!

Is there anything more dreamy and indulgent than having one’s own chocolate fountain? Whenever I see one on television I oooh and aaah 😀 Right now ChefsCatalog is having a sale on chocolate fountains, with the cheapest model being $39.99!!!

Recipe Search with Google Recipes!

Recipe Search with Google Recipes!

Well, it’s official, Google has ‘unofficially’ entered the recipe database field. Although not announced on its homepage you can now access Google Recipes via this link. Features include: ?????? search by main ingredient ?????? search by regional cuisine ?????? search by food course ?????? search 

How To Choose The Perfect Bread Maker

By: Jeremy Zongker Bread makers are extremely popular. The average person can make delicious, homemade bread quite easily with a bread maker. Even with the ease of a bread machine, you must still use caution when adding the ingredients, even if you use a mix.