Poll: What do you think of Wendy Rahamut’s work?

Wendy Rahamut This time around I have decided to focus my poll on the work of Wendy Rahamut. For those who don’t know her Wendy Rahamut is Trinidad’s #1 celebrity cook. She hosts a weekly cooking show, has a weekly column in the Trinidad Guardian,owns and operates the Wendy Rahamut School of Cooking, is the author of Caribbean Flavoursand Modern Caribbean Cuisine(both very popular books on this site) and also publishes the glossy quarterly Caribbean Gourmet.

To some extent I have looked up to her. She has built a successful recognizable multi-armed media enterprise and has published attractive materials focused on local cuisine that are easily available to the international market and made media appearances overseas on outlets such as the Food Network. In that sense she has been a pioneer, and I really admire that 🙂 Opinion on her work within the Trini food blogosphere seems to be wildly divided though with some feeling that her recipes are too ‘touristy’ in their makeup and her affect too ‘flat’ for television.

So what do you think? Vote in the below poll and/or leave a comment 🙂

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