Trinidad Bitters – This week on Food Network Canada

This just in! Food Network Canada will feature Trinidad and Angostura Bitters this week on the show ‘The Thirsty Traveler’. Details are as follows 🙂

Trinidad: Bitters – The Thirsty Traveler – Food Network Canada
The Thirsty Traveler
Episode: Trinidad: Bitters
HOSTED BY: Kevin Brauch

Aromatic bitters have been around for centuries, but what exactly goes into bitters, is one of the world??????s best-kept secrets. First used as a medicinal aid to combat indigestion, bitters has evolved into an incredible enhancer for both food and drink. Good things come in small packages and the Thirsty Traveler intends to find out exactly what goes into this little bottle of flavour packed lightning.


Thursday, April 26
1:30 PM EST
Trinidad: Bitters (CC)

Sunday, April 29
10:00 AM EST
Trinidad: Bitters (CC)