The Bitters Truth (Saveur Magazine)

angostura-7424304In an addendum to my previous post on Angostura Bitters, Saveur Magazine has an article entitled The Bitters Truth where their intrepid reporter tours the factory and learns about the history (and mystery) surrounding this almost 200 year old recipe!


From the outside, the complex of warehouses and offices looked not just imposing, but impenetrable. I approached a security officer standing vigil at the gate, and he pointed me towards the main building. I nodded at him, walked inside, and requested a pass from a second sentinel sitting behind what appeared to be bulletproof Plexiglas. Security cameras recorded my every move, and I could see myself – sneakers, baggy shorts, Hawaiian shirt – in the monitors. With very little trouble, I convinced him that I was a harmless tourist. He handed me the pass and buzzed the front door open. I was in!

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