Top 5 Trinidadian Recipes on TriniGourmet (March 2007)

doubles2-1634026 1. Trinidad Doubles

Trinidad doubles is the ultimate local street food. Cheap. Hot. Hearty. Filling – recipe here

accra2-6146865 2. Trinidad Saltfish Accra

Here in Trinidad accra is a puffy fried dough ball, made of a highly seasoned dough into which shredded saltfish has been mixed. I??????ve had it at weddings, gatherings, and of course bought it from street vendors. – recipe here

Trinidad Stew Beef

3. Trinidad Stew Beef with Herbed Dumplings

Trinidad Stew Beef exemplifies the multicultural fusion nature of Trinidadian cooking. From the African influence of initially caramelizing meat, to the European addition of beer, to the presence of Asian soy sauce – recipe here

macaronipie-6212930 4. Trinidad Macaroni Pie

This dish is part of the traditional Trinidadian Sunday lunch and is also offered in cubed form at BBQs and other casual outdoor functions. Feel free to play around with the proportions. – recipe here

barfi-2433173 5. Trinidad Barfi

Barfi is one of those traditional Indo-Trinidadian sweets that one consumes when attending many a Hindu or Moslem celebration. – recipe here