REVIEW: The Roti King ‘Roti Skins’


As I’ve previously mentioned here in Trinidad the term ‘roti skin’ is commonly used when referring solely to the roti bread, rather than ‘roti’ which usually refers to a dish of roti bread + fillings/sides. Confusing? Well, it was equally confusing to me to realize that to the rest of the world the word roti meant ‘bread’ and nothing more! Let’s just say it made my first overseas visit to an ‘Indian’ restaurant quite a ‘surprise’… 😆

Anyway, like most Trinis we have our preferred providers of the illustrous dhalpuri roti skin, however last month, because she was in a rush, my mother decided to pick up a prepackaged bundle while doing the rest of her shopping at the supermarket.

Her choice? A 4-pack of dhalpuri skins under the moniker of ‘The Roti King’…

Dhalpuri roti skins

Verdict: The skins were papery and dry. The filling was too sparse (I like my dhalpuri to be spilling peas left and right). Worse yet it left my mother and I with that unhappy feeling in your stomach that doesn’t go away for hours. We’ll definitely be avoiding the checkout aisle and sticking to the freshly made stuff in the future!