Kaizan Sushi – Movietowne POS (Trinidad & Tobago Restaurant Week 2018)

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My last stop on my whirlwind mini-tour  of Trinidad & Tobago Restaurant Week 2018 was Movietowne’s Kaizan Sushi. I used to frequent Kaizan regularly but hadn’t been in a few years. As a result I was quite curious to see how the menu and food had changed, if any. For this sojourn I roped in my old high school friend Natalie, another person I hadn’t seen in a long time! Restaurant Week has also been all about those interpersonal connections for me this year!



Our courses opened with some wine and complimentary sake (Japanese rice wine).



First up was the Tom Yum Kai soup. I was surprised how many more Asian cuisines seem to be folded into Kaizan’s repertoire now, compared to a few years ago. This was my first tasting of this assertive tomato and lime focused chicken soup. I am more familiar with it’s coconut-milk based sibling Tom Kha Kai. At first the acidity was surprising but I quickly acclimated and within a minute or two was thoroughly enjoying it. Especially the mild heat that came through the broth.


Natalie had the Miso Soup. A traditional fave and choice of mine. I really liked what I tasted of hers, especially those hearty strips of seaweed!


I loved the garlicky black bean sauce that coated these edamame beans. I’m not usually an edamame fan but Natalie loves them so that’s we got. I’m glad we did!


I had never had or heard of Tofu Katsu curry however it was the main vegetarian entree offered. I’m happy to say it was a revelation though quite unusual in terms of what one may stereotypically think of as Japanese food. The term Katsu refers to the breadcrumbs that create a delicious crunchy contrast to the cool smooth texture of the tofu they’re fried with. The ‘steaks’ are then coated in a to-die-for coconut milk curry sauce. The combination is again unusual and yet has an addictive quality. The side vegetables were buttery and steamed al dente, and the sticky rice didn’t overwhelm the plate. The tofu really shone and took center stage. I definitely want to learn to make this at home!


The Moo Moo Roll (spicy Angus beef, carrot and spring onion rolled in panko crust wasabi mashed potato, fried and topped with spicy mayonnaise). This roll was definitely my favorite taste of the evening. I never thought I would enjoy a riceless roll so much! Let alone a meat based one! With fried potatoes on top of that? This was truly a revelation. I almost wish we had gotten a roll each! I say almost because I know I’ll be back for it!


Time for dessert and Natalie is rapidly fading. Apparently the stomachs of non-food bloggers don’t hold up well to extended tasting sessions lol! This was her first time ordering tempura-fried ice-cream!



For myself I chose the Strawberry Cheesecake Brûlée. I love a light cheesecake that isn’t overly sweet and this fit the bill. It was just the right way to end the evening.  My return to Kaizan Sushi was an extremely pleasant one, our server was extremely accommodating and a blast to engage with. I was surprised to see how much the menu has extended beyond “sushi” and I am now curious to try more of their fare. One thing I regretted not choosing was the Tempura Vegetables, so I think I will have to get back to get those and another Moo Moo roll. Off to find another willing companion!


Kaizan Sushi – MovieTowne POS

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• Trinidad & Tobago Restaurant Week 2018 Master Post