PAIR IT! Mario’s Veggie Pizza & Monkey Bay Sauvignon Blanc

  Sometimes I just don’t want to cook. There, I’ve said it. Surprised? Don’t be! I love cooking but like all love affairs sometimes I just want to be the center of attention, want to be able to kick back, or just enjoy some solitude. 

Wine Tasting @ Lotus Wares

On January 26, 2013 I attended a winetasting class (along with TriniChow) at Lotus. Led by Lisa Johnstone it was just what I needed to get over my jitters regarding terminology, food pairing, and get my feet (or palate) wet! On the table were the 

Storing Wine: Answers to your Frequently Asked Questions

Over at you can find answers to frequently asked questions about storing wine. Questions include: • Should I be storing the wine I drink everyday in a special way or place? • Where should I store wine I don’t plan to drink immediately? • 

BBM 2.0 – Belle Vue Extra Appel-Kers

“There is a small can of Belgian cherry beer – another thing Belgium is famous for.” With that one line, Eva’s letter attempted to prepare me for a new taste experience. I had never had cherry beer and had no idea what to expect! The 

Wine Clubs in Trinidad and Tobago?

Wine Clubs in Trinidad and Tobago?

I am clueless about wine. Utterly clueless. In fact I only just realized that some is red and some is not…. (ok not -that- bad but believe me I’m pretty bad). Last year there seemed to be an explosion of niche wine stores and wine 

Gifts for the Wine Geek On Your List

From the Northshore Outlook comes the following gift suggestions for that Wine Geek in your life 🙂 Recommended suggestions include: The Danby 30 Bottle Wine Cooler Excerpt: One of the best wine gifts I ever received was a Danby Wine Fridge. It holds approximately 40 

deVine Saturdays @ MoreVino

Learnt about the following from Island Spice 🙂 deVine Saturdays: Get in the spirit. Complimentary pastelles with every bottle of wine. Live Parang from Los Parranderos de UWI. @ MoreVino, Ariapita Avenue, Port of Spain (Trinidad) I have mixed feelings about MoreVino. I love the 

What to Bring to the Party – Suggestions for a Gourmet Lover

What to Bring to the Party – Suggestions for a Gourmet Lover

Holiday time is upon us and that means one thing. Entertaining. Whether you are visiting someone’s house for a few hours or a weekend it’s always good form to carry something in hand. But what do you choose that hasn’t been given 1000 times before? 

Cooking Tips From The Pros

From (a culinary online magazine written by chefs) comes the following “Cooking Tips From The Pros”. Cooking With Olive Oil Do not saute (fry) food in good olive oil. High quality olive oils contain small particles from the olives that the oil was pressed