BBM 2.0 – Doitung Macadamia Nuts with Wasabi

Although this is one of the last of the items in my Blogging by Mail package to be written up it actually was the first item to be opened. My mother is a nut addict and I had never tasted macadamia nuts before so it seemed like a no-brainer. Plus there was wasabi, and I haven’t had anything wasabi-related in years 🙂

I really enjoyed these nuts because they reminded me of Brazil nuts (though lighter in flavour and less oily) and the wasabi was equally subtle. The package finished all too soon!

Doitung Macadamia Nuts with Wasabi

Thai in origin, DoiTung is a very interesting brand.

From their website:
The Doi Tung Development Project initiated the production of a variety of Doi Tung products in an effort to provide alternative employment opportunities and create jobs to enable villagers to generate steady and sufficient income to be able to support themselves and their families without having to engage in illicit activities such as prostitution and drug-trafficking.

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