Bussin’ Coconut


Every now and again I get criticized by a reader for using ‘shortcuts’ in my recipes. Whether it’s a frozen this or a grated that, I’m bound to hear from someone who thinks that unless I grew it, picked it and shelled it myself, I’m really nothing but a lazy bum. Well criticism noted and embraced! I -am- a lazy bum (in my downtime), and I love the conveniences that modern supermarkets and entrepreneurs have provided. I’m also happy to share them with other readers who because of their own busy lives or foreign locations only have access to pre-packaged items.

Having said all that, it doesn’t mean that I have anything against doing things the old-fashioned and labour-intensive way. In fact I continuously praise the day that I learnt that J loves to ‘buss coconuts’ … whether green or brown give the boy a cutlass or hammer and he’s happy as pappy. Now that I know this I buy them a few at a time, give them to him to do in bulk, cock up on a couch and just relax. They never go to waste as I use coconut a lot in my recipes (both cooked and raw) and I can rest assured that I’ve gotten the freshest items possible without having to break a sweat (or nail). How’s that for a win-win scenario? 😉

(Happy 2nd anniversary babes! 🙂 )