Caribbean Beachcomber July/August 1969 – Caribbean Kitchen Magic A Food and Drink How-To Introduction


Caribbean Kitchen Magic A Food and Drink How-to

Join us for a mini-culinary tour of the Caribbean Kitchen – via its fruits and vegetables, its weekday staples, its holiday feasts, its beverages and even some hand-me-down remedies. Discover the likes of stamp-an-go, foo-foo, asopao, brandied lobster. Delight in visions of paw paw, mangos, honey berries and succulent avocados waiting to be plucked and eaten. Learn the mysteries of preparing breadfruit, soursop and christophene. Investigate some delicious versions of rice and beans, the staple of the Caribbean. Explore the benefits of soaking in a Jamaican bush bath and drinking home made ginger beer, orange wine and planters punch. Prepare for your introduction to exotic West Indian drinks – El Jibaro, Piña Colada, the Trinidad Swizzle.

(Photo/Jamaica Tourist Board)