Chef’s Table Recipe: Ciabatta-Wrapped Striped Bass

Chef's Table: Ciabatta-Wrapped Sea Bass (ABC News)
Chef's Table: Ciabatta-Wrapped Sea Bass (ABC News)
This recipe for Ciabatta-Wrapped Striped Bass just caught my eye and is definitely a novel and creative way to use ciabatta bread!

Combining the flavours of a saffron sauce with a tomato-fennel stew, and easily adaptable to kosher restrictions, this will definitely be gracing my dinner table in the near future (I’ll probably be leaving out the capers though, can’t stand those! 😉 )

Ciabatta bread is still relatively unknown here in Trinidad however gourmet stores and bakeries are increasingly including it in their offerings (I personally buy mine at Peppercorns when in a rush – the holes are not as large as one would like but the crust is wonderful).

Even better, why not try making your own? 🙂