Guava-Glazed Chicken with Fresh Rosemary [RECIPE]

Guava-Glazed Chicken with Fresh Rosemary [RECIPE]

*cues* “So long I ent see yuh!” Walk into the room with this chicken and all will quickly be forgiven! ???I made this delectable Guava-Glazed Chicken, with fresh Rosemary from my garden, back in April on my Twitch stream! A twist on a recipe that 

Paneer Butter Masala (recipe) & Life Update!

Paneer Butter Masala (recipe) & Life Update!

Creamy and spicy Paneer Butter Masala is a fave Indian dish of mine and it’s even better when made with homemade paneer!

Trinidad Stewed Fish with Gluten-Free Option (Recipe) + The Future of This Site!

Trinidad Stewed Fish with Gluten-Free Option (Recipe) + The Future of This Site!

Wow! I never expected to be gone from this site for so long! It shows you how fragile and uncertain life really is. Shortly after my last post in late December, my mother and I “suddenly” sold the home we’d lived in for most of 

Trinidad Stewed Chicken (recipe)

  As my friends in the northern climates start to hunker down for the winter, and temperatures start to cool here as well (albeit only at night), I thought it would be good to share some local-styled “stew dishes”. Hearty and warm, they’re sure to 

Sarina’s Trinidad-Style ‘Stew Oxtail’ (recipe) – as mentioned in The New York Times

Oxtail stew (or ‘stew oxtail’ as it is more commonly called in local parlance) is a sentimental favourite of many Trinbagonians. While writing this post I even had a Twitter follower tell me that it’s the first thing she insists on having upon returning home! 

Asian Crisp Fried Noodles and Chili Vegetables (recipe)

It may seem odd to launch my Hanukkah menu series with an Asian noodle dish, but scratch the surface and you can see that it is not that far a stretch. Hanukkah after all commemorates a miracle of oil, and this is a fried dish. 

Salmon “Kalia” (recipe)

I have 3 large folders of cutouts y’all. You know the folder I’m talking about. The one where you have stashed all those pages you’ve torn out of magazines through the years. All the recipes you’ve clipped out of the newspaper. Yeah that one. I 

Red-Roasted Chicken Stir-Fry (recipe)

From Natural Health Magazine: This stir-fry is inspired by the flavors of traditional Chinese red roasting, which derives its special character from the use of dark soy, Shaoxing wine and rock sugar. This post was originally published on October 15, 2006 and was one of 

Pan Fried Snapper with Tomato Salsa (recipe)

This post was originally published on August 25, 2007. It has been updated once since then. A simple fish dish. The flavours weren’t as assertive as I would have ordinarily liked but the relative mildness means that it can be paired with bolder side dishes 

Kung Pao Chicken (recipe)

A very simple fiery and flavourful chicken dish that comes together quickly. The most unexpected part of the flavour medley is the candy-like sweetness of the fried (until charred) sweet peppers. From Wikipedia: Kung Pao chicken (also spelled Kung Po chicken) is a classic dish 

Bertie’s Trinidad Pelau (recipe)

Bertie’s Trinidad Pelau (recipe)

My father’s pelau is (not surprisingly) my favourite and has been a staple over the long Carnival weekend in my family, for as long as I can remember. Now my father is a man with a very narrow cooking repertoire, but what he does do 

Chef’s Table Recipe: Ciabatta-Wrapped Striped Bass

This recipe for Ciabatta-Wrapped Striped Bass just caught my eye and is definitely a novel and creative way to use ciabatta bread! Combining the flavours of a saffron sauce with a tomato-fennel stew, and easily adaptable to kosher restrictions, this will definitely be gracing my 

Daring Cooks: Gluten-Free Indian Dosas (recipe)

Finally! I have completed (and posted) a Daring Cooks Challenge on time! I have been cooking along with this most recent adjunct to the Daring Bakers community but have always ended up missing the deadlines for one reason or another. No more! This time around 

Lasagne of Emilia-Romagna (Lasagne Verdi al Forno) (recipe)

I did it! I finally bit the bullet, pushed through my fear and made pasta! That’s right, thanks to Daring Bakers, I have finally achieved something that I’ve wanted to do since starting this blog in 2006 🙂 With the late showing of this post