Cranberries are not Street Food

Can I just say how glad I am to be back in the swing of things where posting is concerned? 🙂 Life has settled into something resembling a routine which allows me to realistically integrate my posts into my daily life. As many of my longtime readers know however for much of last year this wasn’t the case, and this blog gathered more than its share of dust for weeks at a time. Although it may have appeared as though nothing was going on, I was still cooking and taking photos. I just never got around to uploading them and doing all the behind the scenes work that every food blogger knows has to occur before the world sees our work. Due to an overwhelming percentage of you voting for me to share what I was up to, over the next few months I hope to make many of these ‘drafts’ public, and I hope that the 4% of you who voted ‘no’ won’t mind the fact that some of them may be a tad ‘outdated’ by the time they are released, in terms of current events. 😉

Case in point, Dolores O’Riordan’s concert. When the former lead singer of The Cranberries came to Trinidad in 2007, I decided to accept J’s invitation. You know that early stage in a relationship where you just wanna be with them at every opportunity, and you don’t want to look like you’re really not into the things that give them pleasure? Well, let’s just say that the highlight of the evening for me was the opportunity to document the forms of local street food that often accompany nighttime public events! Everything that I had that night was so yum!

Fried Bake ‘n Shark, Trini-style Burgers, Chicken and Chips and more were all on sale, made freshly on the fly, meat marinating in the open ready to go on the grill! It’s always exciting for me to mill around the food stands. Working to and from them, observing the crowds, the reactions, and the differences in styles.

Opening acts were the local rock bands Orange Sky and Jointpop, both of whom I enjoy immensely and, in the end, although the concert failed to turn me into a fan of Ms. Riordan’s music/voice, I have always had a soft spot for ‘Zombie’!

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