Carmen’s Jamaican Ginger Beer (recipe)


My mom’s Jamaican Ginger Beer brewing in the sun 😀

The above scene and bottle feel as though they have always been with me, they occur with such comforting regularity. Ginger beer is something that is enjoyed by both Trinis and Jamaicans however in my experience many Trinis enjoy theirs much weaker than my mother makes hers. Many people can’t drink my mom’s ginger beer without looking for a fire hydrant at first. However they quickly return with an empty glass asking for a refill once their tastebuds recover from the initial shock! 😆 Of course I love my mom’s way and that’s what I am sharing with you, however if you are looking for something more along the mild side simply reduce the steeping period to one day 🙂 You may also want to add lime juice at Step 7. it makes for a refreshing alternate !

Carmen's Jamaican Ginger Beer (recipe)
Recipe type: Drinks
Cuisine: Caribbean
  • 1 lb ginger
  • 1.5 lbs granulated sugar
  • cloves
  1. Peel 1lb of ginger - peel and blend with as much water as needed to get a good pulp
  2. Put in large glass bottle
  3. Set in sun for 2 days
  4. Bring inside and strain
  5. Add more water (about 1liter) and squeeze the grated ginger in this water. Bang out the ging !! 😀
  6. Discard the used and abused ginger.
  7. Add more water. You want about a gallon.
  8. Add 1.5lbs granulated sugar
  9. Pour into clean bottles.
  10. Add 4 to 5 cloves per bottle.
  11. Allow to 'rest' on the counter for two days before refrigerating.


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