How Container Gardening Has Transformed My My Life

How Container Gardening Has Transformed My My Life

During the lockdown, like many of you, I found myself with more time on my hands and a desire to be more self-sufficient. As an epicurean home cook with a love for Caribbean cuisine, I saw an opportunity to not only reduce my food budget 

Bhagi Rice [RECIPE]

Simple yet satisfying Trinidadian Bhagi Rice is a wholesome, nutritional side that complements many main dishes, including curries and stews.

RECIPE: Eggplant Vegetable Medley (Instant Pot/Pressure Cooker) + Join Me On My New Twitch Journey!

Happy New Year everyone! It’s so good to be back from the Holiday ‘Break’. I hope you’re all well 🙂 I’m brimming with ideas for the blog and this brand over the next 12 months and I’ve already started rolling them out. Firstly my Patreon 

Trinidad Paime (recipe)

As promised, here is a recipe for Paime (pron. PAY-me)! Paime is basically a sweet version of the savoury pastelle. I only recently discovered that Paime is also a traditional Xmas dish. Well that explains why it seemed I never could find it lol! No 


Well you know how Trinis like how to do everything las’ minute? 🙂 If you don’t have enough time to try my mother’s ginger beer recipe, here is a quick recipe from that needs only 24 hours fermentation. Best of luck! 😀 Click here 

Carmen’s Jamaican Ginger Beer (recipe)

My mom’s Jamaican Ginger Beer brewing in the sun 😀 The above scene and bottle feel as though they have always been with me, they occur with such comforting regularity. Ginger beer is something that is enjoyed by both Trinis and Jamaicans however in my 

Jamaican Sorrel Rum Punch (recipe)

    When I first made this in 2006 it was my first time using a pack of dried sorrel for a recipe. I was pleasantly surprised. If you allow it to steep overnight the results are pretty damn good. The below recipe is my 

Banana-Papaya Smoothie (recipe)

Since 2009 I have actively incorporated more raw and vegan dishes into my regular diet and have found the benefits to be multifold. For one my body hasn’t succumbed to flus the way it regularly did in the past and I have found that many 

Sarina’s Trinidad-Style Garlic Sauce (recipe)

No Trini condiment series would be complete without a recipe for garlic sauce. Garlic sauce is one of those local favourites that can be found everywhere from beachside stands , to popular ‘grill’ joints as well as streetside food vendors. Indeed many street vendors have 

Sarina’s Pigeon Peas and Rice (recipe)

This dish of pigeon peas and rice was the perfect accompaniment to the Crispy Lemon Chicken that I made earlier this year. The rice and peas are cooked together in a rich combination of fresh thyme and coconut milk with wedges of tomatoes and (if 

Sarina’s Coconut Rice With Lentils and Cashews (recipe)

Sarina’s Coconut Rice With Lentils and Cashews (recipe)

This recipe is a staple side dish of mine that I’ve adapted and modified at length through the years. Both colorful and flavourful I think it creates a texturally interesting background for spicy curries and other East Indian flavoured entrees. Coconut Rice with Lentils and 

Green Olive Tapenade (recipe)

Green Olive Tapenade (recipe)

Tapenades are one of my entertaining ‘secret weapons’. Blend a few ingredients, add a drizzle of olive oil, some salt and pepper and people think you have been slaving for hours 😆 This one for Green Olive tapenade is one of my favourites. Because there 

Trinidad Kurma (recipe)

Kurma is one of my favourite Trinidadian snacks. Fried mouthfuls of spiced dough in a sugary glaze, they can be found and purchased throughout the island at school ‘tuck shops’, pharmacies, supermarkets and corner shops. East Indian in origin they are also a staple treat 

Sarina’s Curried Potato ‘mini’ Latkes & Bubbly Guava-Ginger Ale

Sarina’s Curried Potato ‘mini’ Latkes & Bubbly Guava-Ginger Ale

How have you been enjoying my Hanukkah 2010 series so far? At the moment I seem to be having a little trouble with my RSS feed so if you have not received the posts so far you can check out the recipe roundup to date