Knife Sharpening 101 (video)

A sharp knife is essential to the preparation of most any meal. Not only does a dull knife make cooking more arduous and stressful, it also increases your odds of getting cut! Fortunately one of my best friends, Lynn of, has generously made some videos for on how to correctly sharpen a knife! Isn’t technology amazing? 🙂 She’s all the way in San Francisco, California! Look out for more TriniGourmet ‘exclusive vids’ in the new year! 🙂

Knife Sharpening: Part One

Knife Sharpening: Part Two

Suggested Sharpening Stone


Click to View/Purchase: Chef’s Choice Edgecraft 2-by-6-Inch Diamond Sharpening Stone

Customer Review:

“This is a single stone (rather than a complicated series of stones) that gets the job done better than a much more costly electric sharpener. If you wish your knives were sharper, but don’t want to become a professional knife maintenance technician, it’s a nice choice. I like mine. ”

Suggested Steel


Click to view/purchase: F. Dick 12″ Regular Cut Sharpening Steel

Customer Review:

“F.Dick makes the best sharpening steels in the world, they make steels for other knife companies. They have fancier models and I’m sure that they are wonderful but this basic 12″ steel will keep your knives in great shape. A few swipes and your knife is ready to go. Most steels that come with knife sets are junk compared to an F. Dick steel–you’ll be amazed at the difference a good quality steel will make.”