Local Crixmart

Crixmart, Eastern Main Road

Many formerly dingy roadside stalls and stands have, for the past year, been sporting shiny red ‘swag’ thanks to the Bermudez Company, the manufacturers of Crix. Normally I am not a fan of overt corporate branding, but this is one form that I find most pleasing in aesthetic. Maybe because there is something so jaunty about the designs, and the lines of the buildings remain intact. I’ve even taken to calling them Crixmarts (as evidenced by this post’s title) 😉 Maggi has done similar overhauls on ‘corner stands’ and when I took a good picture of one I will share it. For those who don’t know Crix is a legendary Trinidadian cracker biscuit, commonly tagged as ‘D Vital Supplies’. Originally only available in a white flour form, it now also offers wholewheat and multigrain versions of its classic cracker (the multigrain is my personal favourite).

Many odes to Crix have been written, both on blogs and in the print media. Thanks to the Internet we also now even have a multitude of Facebook groups centered on this rather plain pleasure. It seems more than a little odd that Bermudez Caribbean not only doesn’t have a website in this day and age but that it also has not found a way to maximise on the immense goodwill that this product has earned through the generations. With more and more foreign alternatives on the shelves these days it seems rather foolhardy to have less of a media presence now than they did when they were the big kid in town…