Trinidad “Sweet Hand” Cuisine (From American Eagle Latitudes)


Chicken with za’atar, shankleesh, basil, tomatoes and sumac oil on a bed of couscous. – Battimamzelle Restaurant (Trinidad)
Photo taken by the lovely and generous Chennette 😉

American Eagle Latitudes, (the inflight magazine of American Eagle) has a great article called Trinidad “Sweet Hand” Cuisine. There are just a few errors in it that I’d like to correct 🙂

1. The author incorrectly uses a description of dhalpuri roti as -the- definition of ‘roti’ in the article. As was pointed out in “Trinidadian Roti-an overview” there are various types of flatbreads served locally under the banner of roti.

2. The author refers to a side dish of chopped long beans as bora. From her description I think she meant bodi. She may also have been thinking of bara (the buns in a doubles) or she may have been making it up at the last minute… I have no clue what bora is besides an island in the South Pacific! (Update! Chennette has provided the answer to the bora mystery!)

3. The lovely Maracas Bay has somehow become ‘Caracas Bay’. An overeager spell check program perhaps?

4. Not an error, but more of an aside… Femmes du Chalet is the new name of The Breakfast Shed visited in Ismail Merchant’s Trinidad. The drama and history behind the name change is worthy of its own post.

5. It’s ChaguanaS Market, not Chaguana

Other than that I think it’s actually a really good read 🙂 Check it out!

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