TriniGourmet Q&A #4: Where to find Promasa and Punch de Creme in the UK?

Reader’s Question: II live in Sutton, Surrey, U.K. and I am having problems locating ‘Promasa’ yellow cornmeal. Can you advise me, if you know, of any market/delicatessen in the London area that I can purchase Promasa, for my Trini Christmas pastelles? I know it is the best because I used it in Florida when I lived there. Also poncha de creama/poncha crema, is it sold already made up in a bottle like eggnog and if you know of any outlet to purchase it in London, U.K.?
I look forward to your reply

TriniGourmet’s Answer: Unfortunately I don’t know the answers however I have many readers in the UK. So UK readers where do you obtain your Promasa and Punch de Creme? Please post your reply by commenting on this post (rather than sending an email) so that the answers can be saved for posterity and viewable by all. Thanks! 🙂

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