Welcome to my Kitchen!


I love the world of blog events. This time around I have to thank Veron of Kitchen Musings for making me aware of Lucullian Delight’s ‘Show Me Your Kitchen’. In that spirit, this is where I prepare all my dishes 🙂

It is pretty basic, and pretty cramped but it gets the job done. My mother and I often talk and dream about renovations, and some of the other participants’ homes were totally inspirational for me in terms of design 🙂

The first thing I do when I come down into the kitchen to cook is set my laptop (codename: Maccie) onto the microwave, crank iTunes and open MacGourmet. I love MacGourmet, it’s basically like iTunes for recipes 🙂 Likewise I love iTunes, I am a musicholic and need it 24/7. I was thinking of sharing from time to time my playlists of what I cooked to. We’ll see 🙂
Hope you liked this little glimpse into my world! 🙂