Wine Clubs in Trinidad and Tobago?


I am clueless about wine. Utterly clueless. In fact I only just realized that some is red and some is not…. (ok not -that- bad but believe me I’m pretty bad). Last year there seemed to be an explosion of niche wine stores and wine clubs here in Trinidad. I almost began to feel that maybe I could get the hang of this wine thing. Start saying things like ‘an insolent bouquet’ and ‘jaunty sparkle’ with a straight face while others ooh’d and aah’d… but now it appears that many of those clubs are no longer in operation? Most notably the More Vino club no longer appears on their website. At this point the only club I can still find information on is the Newsday Wine Club.

If you know of other Wine Clubs within Trinidad and Tobago leave a comment. Thanks 😀
By hook or by crook I -will- slowly lose my ‘winey’ ignorance in 2007 😀