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Caribbean Beachcomber July/August 1969 – Caribbean Kitchen Magic! (video)

Long time patrons of Trinidad’s first national airline BWIA [1], and its more recent incarnation Caribbean Airlines [2], are familiar with its highly respected inflight publication “Caribbean Beat” [3]. However did you know that before that there was the “Caribbean Beachcomber”? A joint effort between BWIA [1], LIAT [4], Air Jamaica [5], the Jamaica Air Service [6], the Caribbean Travel Association and the Hilton International Company [7], Caribbean Beachcomber took a distinctly ‘connoisseur’ approach to Caribbean life and activities. Its pages a clear reminder that this was a time when air travel was still not a regular occurrence for many.

As the daughter of a man who spent most of his life committed to Trinidad’s aviation efforts I have been surrounded by BWIA memorabilia all of my life. This particular 1969 issue of Caribbean Beachcomber was devoted to the food of this region and for that reason I thought more than a few of you would enjoy a look back at a time which is now relegated to nostalgia, as well as the recipes (both classic and forgotten) of that era.

Since 2010 I have been sharing bits and pieces of this issue, as I cook my way through it. A round-up post of the entries to date, is long overdue!

Posts To Date In The Caribbean Beachcomber Series

Caribbean Food Overview [8]
Caribbean Kitchen Magic: A Food and Drink How-To Introduction [9]
Vichyssoise Creole (recipe) [10]
That Big Fat Banana Is A Plantain! (recipes) [11]
Bluebeard’s Rum Custard Pudding (recipe) [12]
Fruit & Vegetables: A Succulent Variety (page 1) [13]
Pepperpot at the Barbados Hilton [14]
Sebastians On The Waterfront, St. Thomas [15]
Bridgetown Market, Barbados (video) [16]
Rumona Liqueur [17]
Broiled Banana Cake (recipe) [18]
Ackee [19]

Belly full now? 🙂 Sit back and enjoy this classic commercial for that now defunct part of our aviation history. It really brings back the memories!

This post was originally published August 9, 2010. It has been updated once since then.

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