BBM 2.0 – Jacques Pure Chocolate Hagelslag Granules

This was the last item in my Blogging by Mail package. I bet you thought that box was bottomless! 😆 I thought these ‘Jacques Pure Chocolate Hagelslag Granules‘ were just ‘sprinkles’ but they’re not! They melt in your mouth! (All the sprinkles I have ever tasted were firm, these are soft). I was very confused (and slightly grossed out) by the cover image which promoted eating it on buttered bread, something that Eva also advocated. I could not see the two tastes going together. After several minutes of pondering I figured I should give it a try. Generations of people couldn’t be wrong right? According to this site the Dutch eat 14 million kilos of hagelslag a year on bread! Well… I gave it a try… and can’t say I was won over. The two tastes really just don’t work together for me. Oddly enough I tried it on hot buttered arepas and quite liked that though, so maybe I’m just odd 🙂 My favorite use by far though has been on pancakes, especially after covering the pancakes with jam 😀 Now -that’s- the yum! 🙂 Next stop for these ‘granules’… CUPCAKES!! stay tuned 😀

Jacques Pure Chocolate Hagelslag Granules