Lag B’Omer – Picnics are Fun!


One thing that many people (both Jewish and non-Jewish) don’t know is how many holidays and festivals there are in the Jewish calendar. Although the best known celebration is Hannukah (because of the proximity it shares at times to Christmas), Hannukah is actually a relatively minor holiday. For a full list of holidays in the Jewish calendar look here, some involve fasting but even more involve feasting (and even fasts are usually broken with festive fare). In an observant Jewish home this means there is always something going on! Whether its preparation, celebration or recuperation 😆

Lag B’Omer is one such day and its origin/significance is shrouded in mystery. It’s a little tricky (for me) to explain so I’ll defer to Wikipedia 😉

Lag B’Omer is customarily celebrated with picnics, bonfires, and is also a popular day for weddings to be held.

Because most of my friends work during the day I used to have an indoor night picnic. That can be a lot of fun as well, and one doesn’t have to worry about bugs or ants 🙂

This year Lag B’Omer runs from sunset May 5, 2007 – nightfall May 6, 2007 and I may trod off to a particularly lovely park in my neighbourhood to commune for a bit 🙂

When planning a picnic, compactness, portability, and perishability are the key. I try to avoid dishes that are heavy in dairy or egg, as well as foods with bones. The following recipes all taste excellent at room temperature and leave no scraps or extraneous mess.

Here’s my fantasy plan for this year, it’s enough for a feast 🙂 If it’s just gonna be you or you and another, simply pick 3 or 4 of the suggestions and you’ll be full!

?????? French Bread (1 or 2 baguettes depending on length)
• Baigan Aur Tamaatar
• Chef Ming’s Asian Tapenade
Trinidad Aloo Pies
Trinidad Barfi
Don’t forget to include a bottle of your favorite wine or sparkling fruit juice 🙂

Once you’re all done, it’s time to pack your bag or basket. Why not take a look at the following fun and stylish options for carrying everything!

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