Coconut Bake (recipe)

I’m not gonna lie to you. When I logged in to update this post I did a double take when I saw it had last been updated in 2010, then I teared up when I saw it was originally written in 2008. Twelve years ago… 

Coconut Sweetbread [Recipe] + Only 6 Days Left in my Special Patreon Famalay Offer!

A while back on my Instagram/Facebook Stories I asked which recipes I should post next. Coconut sweetbread was a popular choice! What a great excuse to get flour back on my hands, which is exactly what I did to prepare this loaf for my most 

Coconut Flour Muffins (recipe)

Hey guys! It’s so great to finally, actually be back! This year really ran away from me after taking part in (and winning) the KISS Sandwich Showdown! As has been the pattern in recent years a mix of health and personal struggles meant I had 

Sarina’s Vegetarian “Paramin Surprise” Sandwich” (I’m on to the Semi-Finals!) (recipe)

“And the winner is…” My breath froze as I waited to hear the next words from Joel Villafana, host of the popular morning program “Cup of Joe”. When he said “Sarina Bland of” I was just about ready to pass out! That day had 

Trinidad Sugar Buns/Hot Cross Buns (recipe)

Today is Corpus Christi in Trinidad and Tobago, a public holiday. According to Gov.TT: Corpus Christi is a long-standing tradition in our islands, going back to our pre-British occupation by the Catholic Spaniards. Though mainly observed by Roman Catholics, it is a designated public holiday. 

Danish Kringle (recipe)

I originally made this recipe for a 2007 edition of “Weekend Breakfast Blogging: Ethnic Dishes With A Twist”. Since then it has generated quite a bit of traffic, especially from Chowhound, something that -really- makes me smile 🙂 In the original challenge the host wanted 

Ciabatta Bread (recipe)

This recipe for Ciabatta Bread creates a very light loaf, soft and chewy on the inside with a thin crunchy rustic crust. I originally made it for my mom’s birthday in 2006, before she developed a gluten allergy and it was a huge hit. Since 

Trinidadian Roti – An Overview

This post was originally published December 13, 2006. It has been updated once since then Roti. Four little letters that have the power to put any Trini into a smile-infused stupor 🙂 Along with pelau I consider it one of Trinidad’s national dishes. East Indian 

Trini Bakery Goodies – The Photos

Trini Bakery Goodies – The Photos

Coconut Rock Buns (link to recipe below) Over the last few weeks on Twitter, myself and various other Caribbean cooks (who suitably enough converse under the #caribbeancooks hashtag) have been sharing and reminiscing over various food-related childhood memories. Chennette, who is my dearest and oldest 

Frustration: A Baking Haiku

My first attempt sits Trinidad Butter Loaf, sigh How do you make yours?

West Indian Bread Recipes

Through the years I have assembled more than a few West Indian bread recipes and have decided it is high time to compile them into their own post! Please note that I am more than aware that the current listing is far from exhaustive. As 

Wholewheat Bake (recipe)

This post was originally published on October 13, 2006. It has been updated once since then. Bake is a popular breakfast bread here in Trinidad. Hearty by nature, its heavy crumb it keeps you feeling satisfied for hours. Especially when taken with a savory topping. 

Daring Cooks: Gluten-Free Indian Dosas (recipe)

Finally! I have completed (and posted) a Daring Cooks Challenge on time! I have been cooking along with this most recent adjunct to the Daring Bakers community but have always ended up missing the deadlines for one reason or another. No more! This time around 

Arepas (recipe)

Earlier this year when my mother was diagnosed with severe gluten-related allergies it came as a surprise to her, and us. We never realized such an allergy could rear its head so late in a person’s life. After seeing what she went through physically in