The Trinidad ‘Nutsman’ pt. 2 (video)

Earlier this year I showed you all a Trini nutsman, as they often appear when stationed on street corners. Nutsmen however can also be found on the move, as this video will show 🙂

This particular nutsman should be familiar to all who travel through Morvant junction. Something that may be of interest to others is the fact that vendors of various goods can often be found at main intersections along the highway that this road leads to (the Churchill-Roosevelt). These vendors ply their goods to drivers when in traffic or stopped at a red light. As a result, from your car you can purchase everything from newspapers to herbs, vegetables, fruits, and as you can see here nuts. Most recently I have even seen some wheeling small insulated containers containing cold soft drinks. Entrepreneurship at its best! 🙂 The Government deems these activities as illegal, but I think it takes a lot of initiative and stamina to brave the hot sun and put in these hours of honest labour. I think they should leave the small vendors alone and focus their time, energy and money on those who are dealing with the big dollars and spoiling the country with drugs and gangs!

Click here to see another nutsman in action (note that the nuts are transported on the back of his modified bicycle!)