Top 3 Appetizers on (June 2007)


1.Trinidad Saltfish Accra – recipe

Trinidad accra are puffy fried dough balls, made of a highly seasoned dough into which shredded saltfish has been mixed. I’ve had it at weddings, gatherings, and of course bought it from street vendors.

You can view the recipe here.

Trinidad Pholourhie

2.Trinidad Pholourie – recipe

Pholourie are basically little balls of split pea flour fried and served in a thin sweet chutney sauce (usually mango or tamarind). You can buy them in little paper bags with the sauce in a little plastic bag included. So yum. When I was working in Port-of- Spain I would often buy a pack of pholourie and a doubles for my breakfast. So the yum!

Pholourie is not restricted to roadside vendors though, I’ve also eaten them as hors d’oeuvres at weddings and other events.

You can view the recipe here.

Sarina's Miniature Hot Pepper Soufflé

3. Sarina’s Miniature Hot Pepper Soufflés – recipe

Bite-sized and creamy, these cocktail-worthy concoctions also provide subtle (and unexpected) heat.

View the recipe here.