Green Olive Tapenade (recipe)

Green Olive Tapenade (recipe)

Tapenades are one of my entertaining ‘secret weapons’. Blend a few ingredients, add a drizzle of olive oil, some salt and pepper and people think you have been slaving for hours 😆 This one for Green Olive tapenade is one of my favourites. Because there 

Pesto Latkes (recipe)

How cute are these ‘latkes’? 🙂 I have to put the quotation marks because they are neither fried, nor flat (oh the sacrilege!). But… they are so light, crisp and flavourful that I can’t get too worked up so do ignore my faux outrage 🙂 

Fried Okras (recipe)

Just a few words as I am writing this at 3:10 a.m.and am rapidly fading after a day of automechanical mishaps (ugh!) Ochroes are one of those ingredients that rapidly divide people into one of two camps, the love ’ems and leave ’ems. Well, I 

Sarina’s Curried Potato ‘mini’ Latkes & Bubbly Guava-Ginger Ale

Sarina’s Curried Potato ‘mini’ Latkes & Bubbly Guava-Ginger Ale

How have you been enjoying my Hanukkah 2010 series so far? At the moment I seem to be having a little trouble with my RSS feed so if you have not received the posts so far you can check out the recipe roundup to date 

Eggplant Cutlets: Cotolette Di Melanzane (recipe)

This post was first published February 8, 2009. It has been updated once since then. What do you get when you combine Fried Eggplant with the skill and experience of a world class chef? These out of this world ‘Eggplant Cutlets’. Like many of the 

Trinidad Pholourie (recipe)

July 5, 2010: Sometime between when this post was originally written in 2007 and now it appears Saveur Magazine selected this recipe as one of its ‘Best Of The Web‘, and as one of its ‘Sites We Love’. I can’t explain how much this 

Trinidad Saltfish Accra (recipe)

    I see plenty of recipes for accra in West Indian Cookbooks but often they bear little resemblance to Trinidad Accra. My Jamaican mother tells me that what she knows as accra is a saltfish fritter, flat, fried brown. Here in Trinidad however accra 

Hummus (recipe)

Hummus is a never-fail crowd pleaser and so deceptively easy to prepare! I love to offer hummus as a starter at Purim because chickpeas figure so prominently in the Purim story. This recipe comes from one of my favourite cookbooks The Sephardic Table: The Vibrant 

Curried Potato Chips (recipe)

Curried Potato Chips (recipe)

Blog Party #43 is here! The theme this month is “Spice It Up”. According to the event’s host Stephanie of Dispensing Happiness: The chill of February has definitely gotten to me. I’m cold. I’m tired of being cold. I want warmth…but it looks like the 

Chef Bryant Terry & Cajun-spiced, Open-faced Red Pepper Frittata Sandwiches (recipe)

Chef Bryant Terry & Cajun-spiced, Open-faced Red Pepper Frittata Sandwiches (recipe)

February is Black History Month and with it comes A Taste of Ebony, a food challenge hosted by Joelen of Joelen’s Culinary Adventures highlighting the work and recipes of Black chefs and food celebrities. When I began TriniGourmet Black food personalities were almost a shadow 

Trinidad Saheena (recipe)

I made these traditional Indo-Trinidadian appetizers last year as part of my Eid menu. Chopped spinach stirred into a splitpea flour base and then fried, delish! I prefer mine relatively light , especially when fresh out of the oil, but some make theirs denser. The 

Vidalia Onion Fritters (recipe)

I first made these fritters as part of last year’s Sukkot menu. They are much sweeter and lighter than one would expect. And the soaking of the onions in the batter ensures that the onion flavour mellows and evenly distributes. It also makes the onion 

Sardine Pate (recipe)

Growing up in a cross-cultural household there were many moments when you realized that your home was a little ‘different’ from many of those around you. As a kid I went to a variety of private schools with large international populations so those differences seemed 

Falafel (recipe)

Falafel is an item that depending on your part of the world is either par for the course, or an unheard of oddity. Growing up here in Trinidad falafels were not part of my culinary experience, however in the last few years, Syrian-Lebanese eateries have