Top 5 Fish Recipes on Trinigourmet (as of September 2009)

accra2-2071661 1. Trinidad Saltfish Accra (recipe)
Accra is a puffy fried dough ball, made of a highly seasoned dough into which shredded saltfish has been mixed.

2. Fried Bake ‘n Fish (recipe)

‘Shark n Bake’ is -the- ultimate beach food here in Trinidad (although it can be bought in other places as well). Its epicentre (where i’ve been told the dish was also first created) is Maracas Bay (which is also the most popular beach on the island). Many beach seekers who are going to other beaches on the North Coast will stop at Maracas en route, to pick up their ‘Bake n Shark’ before proceeding to their ultimate destination.

hhdd20002-7861114 3. Caramelised Onion and Anchovy Tarts (recipe)
This savoury tart recipe from Australia’s Donna Hay has received rave reviews from everyone who has tasted it 🙂
buljol-3449679 4. Trinidad Buljol (recipe)
Salted codfish, tomatoes and the hottest peppers known to man. Probably not the most scintillating combination on paper, but believe me one taste and you -will- be hooked!
5. Trinidad Hot Baked Fish (recipe)
This dish is very simple and economical, and even better it pleased the palates of my parents who have very divergent benchmarks of appreciation