Top 3 Fish Recipes on (July 2007)

accra2-5536680 1.Trinidad Saltfish Accra – recipe

Trinidad accra are puffy fried dough balls, made of a highly seasoned dough into which shredded saltfish has been mixed. I’ve had it at weddings, gatherings, and of course bought it from street vendors – view this popular fish recipe here.

buljol-4521227 2. Trinidad Buljol (recipe)

Yet another saltfish recipe! 🙂 Buljol is without a doubt one of my favorite breakfast foods. I love the way that the saltiness of the dried shredded cod plays off the cool wetness of the tomatoes and the spicy shreds of scotch bonnet peppers. It is a simple topping that needs little accompaniment – view this popular saltfish recipe here.

bakenfish-8821164 3. Fried Bake and Fish (recipe) ‘Shark n Bake’ is -the- ultimate beach food here in Trinidad (although it can be bought in other places as well). Its epicentre (where i’ve been told the dish was also first created) is Maracas Bay (which is also the most popular beach on the island). Many beach seekers who are going to other beaches on the North Coast will stop at Maracas en route, to pick up their ‘Bake n Shark’ before proceeding to their ultimate destination. – recipe here