Trackback Love: week ending July 28, 2007

blogparty242-4787744Dispensing Happiness: Blog Party #24 Blogger’s Choice

Stephanie “The Happy Sorceress” is host to the Monthly Blog Party get-together. Every month she sets a theme that we food bloggers have to adhere to when creating our appetizer and complimentary cocktail. This month the theme was an open one. I submitted Scallion Pancakes with a sparkling Green Tea (pictured)… yummers! 😀 You can view all the submissions at the above link:)

tumeric-5657098In Mol Araan: Weekend Herb Blogging #92

Last weekend’s herb blogging roundup was hosted by In Mol Araan, an American-Yiddish food blog. My submission this time around was on our tumeric plants and the many uses of this flourescent rhizome 🙂

mexicanhotchocolate-5508249Weekend Cookbook Challenge #18

This month’s Weekend Cookbok Challenge was “Red and White”. My submission was my creation of Michael Chiarello’s Easy Mexican Hot Chocolate… soo good! 😀 Click to view all the submissions 🙂

• Earlier this week a reader contacted me looking for a recipe for Fry Aloo. Unfortunately none of the recipes that I had tagged with that article were what she was familiar with. I knew it was time to turn to my fellow Trini food blogger Chennette for help. Fortunately she knew exactly what the reader was talking about and helped them out in this post. I can’t wait to fry up some aloo myself in the near future, and I’ll be sure to blog about that then 😀