Trini Bakery Goodies – The Photos

Trini Bakery Goodies – The Photos

Coconut Rock Buns (link to recipe below) Over the last few weeks on Twitter, myself and various other Caribbean cooks (who suitably enough converse under the #caribbeancooks hashtag) have been sharing and reminiscing over various food-related childhood memories. Chennette, who is my dearest and oldest 

15 Minute Magic Chocolate Amaretti Torte

Once a baking test Now a Pesach tradition Try the steps below Fifteen-Minute Magic: Chocolate Amaretti Torte Page 276-277, Baking: From My Home to Yours Makes 8 Servings 6 large double Amaretti di Saronno or 18 mini amarettini cookies (2.75 oz) (other brands can be 

Cassava Pone (recipe)

This post was originally published on November 5, 2008. It has been updated once since then. Mmm pone. A sinfully sweet childhood memory. Not a pudding, not a cake, but something somewhere in between. Pones are usually made from root vegetables. You can also make 

TWD: Banana-Apple Crisp

Yes! I’m back! 🙂 A day late for the proper Tuesdays with Dorie post but back nevertheless. Thanks so much for the inquiries and well wishes, I have been dealing with some chronic health issues that flare up from time to time. But now everything 

TWD: Espresso Cheesecake Brownies

It’s been far too long since my last Tuesdays with Dorie post. Truth be told, I think I was extremely disheartened after the disaster that was my attempt at the Coconut-Pineapple Dacquoise. Not that it tasted bad, but I put so much time, energy and 

Parisian Apple Tartlets

MMMMMMMMM. These were so good! And SO SIMPLE! Some peeled core apple, some puff pastry. A little butter and sugar and that’s it! Oh c’mon! Even the most kitchen phobic amongst you can make this one. With my heart shaped cookie cutters I really went 

Chipster-Topped Brownies

Did ya think I’d forgotten ya? 🙂 Hardly! However from now until the end of June I’m focused on some work-related activities that are extremely time and energy consuming, so my apologies from now that updates will be rather sparse. However if all goes as 

Tiramisu Cake

Holy MOLY! After several months where chocolate desserts have reigned supreme, a challenger has risen to claim the throne! It’s been a while since I’ve submitted an entry for Tuesdays with Dorie. The funny thing is that I have made entries (most notably the Chocolate 

Mexican Turtle Cheesecake with Banana Rum Sauce (recipe)

Here it is, down to the wire. Still über busy but I wasn’t gonna let the posting date for this month’s Daring Baker’s Challenge pass me by! The April 2009 challenge is hosted by Jenny from Jenny Bakes. She has chosen Abbey’s Infamous Cheesecake as 

“Set the House on Fire” Banana Cream Pie (recipe)

I can scarcely believe that this post is so so late! It’s been ‘one of those weeks’ for quite some time now. And though I should be grateful for all the activity, I’m definitely becoming a bit worn and longing for a little tranquility. As 

Blueberry Crumb Cake

It’s 3a.m. and I need to be up at 6 so I’ll keep this shorter than usual 🙂 Coffee cake is not a fave of mine, so this wasn’t a great hit for me. Everyone else loved it though and that mattered more to me 

French Yogurt Cake with Marmalade Glaze

Why oh why couldn’t I have kept it simple? A quick and easy French pound cake, baked in a loaf tin and brushed with a marmalade glaze. Practically no room for error, right? That was until my eye caught the ‘Variations’ listed on the adjoining 

Sarina’s Rum and Raisin Hamantaschen (recipe)

Mmm hamantaschen. In this part of the hemisphere, hamantaschen is probably the most recognizable symbol of Purim. These three-cornered pastries are usually stuffed with jams and sweet pastes of various flavours. My favourite base recipe comes from Joan Nathan’s Jewish Cooking in America,however my own 

Haman’s Ears/Orejas de Haman

This Sephardic Purim treat is rarely mentioned in Purim recipe lineups, overshadowed in familiarity by its Western European counterpart Hamantaschen. It’s a shame though, because this dessert is light, and deliciously addictive. Strips of dough are fried and sprinkled with confectioners sugar. I personally like